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We pursue a deeper understanding of the digital economy and its impact on the future of work.

Looking Forward:
AI in 2022

Stanford Digital Economy Lab Director Erik Brynjolfsson and other Stanford HAI researchers talk about possible trends in artificial intelligence in the coming year.


Our research is helping companies, policymakers, students, and professionals rise to the challenges and opportunities created by the digital economy.

Erik Brynjolfsson

Leading the way

The Lab is directed by Erik Brynjolfsson, whose research focuses on the economic implications of digital technologies and artificial intelligence. One of the most cited authors on the economics of information, Brynjolfsson was among the first researchers to measure productivity contributions of IT and the complementary role of organizational capital and other intangibles.


Recent papers + articles

Estimating Experienced Racial Segregation in US Cities Using Large-Scale GPS Data

Four Stanford researchers, including S-DEL affiliated faculty Susan Athey and Matthew Gentzkow, utilized GPS data collected from mobile phones to measure segregation and experienced isolation by race. The study found that experienced isolation is lower relative to residential isolation in denser, wealthier, more educated cities with high levels of public transit use and is also negatively correlated with income mobility.

Seeing What Others Miss: A Competition Network Lens on Product Innovation

Stanford’s Riitta Katila and Sruthi Thatchenkery explore how the way a firm views its competitors affects its performance.

Intermediaries in Bargaining: Evidence from Business-to-Business Used-Car Inventory Negotiations

Brad Larsen and fellow researchers analyzed data from tens of thousands of B2B deals in the wholesale used-car market. What they found: Who intermediates the negotiation matters.

Our mission is to advance our collective understanding of the digital economy in order to build a tech-driven economy that benefits everyone.

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