Stanford University


Our research team conducts groundbreaking research focused on the digital economy.


We produce insights that help decision-makers rise to the challenges and opportunities in an era of profound digitization.

The Stanford Digital Economy Lab leverage the expertise and interests of Stanford faculty, researchers, and students to initiate and support a wide range of projects on the most pressing topics related to the digital economy. As an integral part of Stanford HAI, the Lab pursues a multidisciplinary approach that encourages dialogue and collaboration across the domains of economics, business, technology, policy, and beyond.

Research Areas

  • AI and the Future of Work

    What will the future of work look like? AI and other digital technologies have the potential to radically transform work

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  • Measuring the Digital Economy

    Our research team explores and creates better methods and models to measure the health of an increasingly digital-centric economy.

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  • Digital Platforms and Society

    Digital technologies are allowing companies to spawn new business and economic value in ways unthinkable just a decade ago.

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