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Spring Workshop on AI & the Future of Work

Avoiding the Turing Trap: Workshop on AI & the Future of Work
April 19, 2022
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Navigating the changing nature of work, including its effects on productivity, employment, and inequality, is one of the greatest challenges we face between now and 2050.

However, too many technologists and business executives are narrowly focused on using AI to automate existing tasks, rather than augment human capabilities. At this event, we will explore the dangers of incentivizing a focus on automation over augmentation—what we call “the Turing Trap”—and discuss how we should measure and benchmark progress in AI. We will also showcase short presentations from a wide range of research projects at the Lab.

The Stanford Digital Economy Lab Spring Workshop brings together our community of faculty, students, fellows, industry leaders, and supporters to share research and discuss groundbreaking ideas related to the future of work and the digital economy. The event will feature short research presentations, extended Q&As, and a keynote speaker—and it will be one of this year’s prime opportunities to engage and debate with the brightest thinkers in the field. 

Featured panelists

The Turing Trap:
The Promise & Peril of Human-Like Artificial Intelligence

Stanford Digital Economy Lab Director Erik Brynjolfsson makes the case for shifting incentives to augmentation over automation with artificial intelligence.

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