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Decentralized Society: Digitization, Democracy, and Civil Discourse

Decentralized Society: Digitization, Democracy, and Civil Discourse
October 7, 2022
9a - 1:30p Pacific Time
Open by invitation only
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The emergence of decentralized digital architectures presents an opportunity to transform the infrastructure of our political and economic systems. Social media, interest and affinity groups, communities, news media, and other institutions and platforms face a host of new challenges and opportunities enabled by AI, web3, and emerging technologies.

At our first of two events on decentralized digital architecture this fall, we will explore the impact of AI and digital infrastructure on society examining key questions we need to address as we develop new governance strategies, privacy paradigms, business models, and content moderation systems.

This event is open by invitation only.

“When knowledge is codified and digitized, it becomes alienable and potentially centralized. In turn, centralizing essential assets centralizes bargaining power. Concentration of economic power begets concentration of political power.”

Erik Brynjolfsson

Information Assets, Technology and Organization, 1994. Brynjolfsson and Ng, 2022

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