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Herman Narula | The True Origin of the Metaverse and How It Will Change Our World

Herman Narula | The True Origin of the Metaverse and How It Will Change Our World
October 24, 2022
12p - 1p Pacific Time
Hybrid event
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Join us on October 24, 2022, when Herman Narula of Improbable joins Erik Brynjolfsson for “The True Origin of the Metaverse and How It Will Change Our World.”

This is a free virtual event open to everyone. Members of the Stanford community are invited to join us in person for lunch at the Dixon and Carol Doll Conference Room 320, 366 Galvez Street, at SIEPR. Register here for the in-person event (Stanford credentials required).


Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable and author of Virtual Society, explains why everything you have heard about the metaverse so far is wrong. Narula argues that the metaverse goes back thousands of years and that our digital future cannot be understood merely by glancing back at the digital technologies that have preceded it. Narula explains why the metaverse will and should matter to individuals and society.

About Herman Narula

Herman Narula

Herman Narula is the co-founder and CEO of Improbable, a British metaverse technology company. Improbable partners with video game developers, entertainment companies, and defense and academic institutions to enable powerful, virtual worlds of unprecedented size and usefulness. This year, Improbable established M2 (MSquared), a network of interoperable metaverses powered by its Morpheus technology. M2 allows companies, brands, and creators to establish their own metaverses and Web3 businesses within its network, organize large-scale experiences with their communities involving thousands of active participants, and provide interoperability with existing blockchains and Web3 businesses.

Narula is the author of Virtual Society: The Metaverse and the New Frontiers of Human Experience, published by Penguin Random House on October 11, 2022. The book offers an exploration of the metaverse, its ancient origins, and how the exchange of value and ideas within and between virtual worlds will expand the possibilities of human life. Narula draws on deep, cross-disciplinary research in history, sociology, and psychology to show readers what the metaverse actually is, why it will matter, and why it’s here to stay.

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