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Tomás Pueyo:
The End of Nation-States

Tomás Pueyo: The End of Nation-States
December 6, 2021
Virtual Event
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On Monday, December 6, 2021, Tomás Pueyo, creator of Uncharted Territories, joined Stanford Digital Economy Lab Director Erik Brynjolfsson for our final Seminar Series talk of the year, “The End of Nation-States.”


Nation-States are dying. They will be replaced by something else. We don’t know what yet. And we’re not ready for the shift.

Technologies like the Internet and Blockchain will be the culprit. This is not the first time it has happened. Every time new communication technologies emerge, the political order is overhauled.

What happened in the past? How, specifically, will Nation-States end this time? What will emerge from their ashes? And, more importantly, how can we steer that in the right direction?

About Tomás Pueyo

Tomás Pueyo is the creator of Uncharted Territories, a newsletter that analyzes the most pressing problems of our time, from automation to blockchain, fertility, inequality, aging…

He became famous worldwide after publishing several high-profile articles on Medium and The New York Times, viewed by over 60 million people and translated into over 40 languages. His strategy of “The Hammer and The Dance” has been followed by governments around the world, and publicly endorsed by countries such as Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Japan, Bulgaria, Costa Rica and others.

Tomás is also a tech consultant and executive in Silicon Valley. He led a billion-dollar online education business at Course Hero, where he was the VP of Product and Growth. Before that, he worked at companies like FinTech SigFig, videogaming company Zynga, and RockYou, where he created and distributed products used by hundreds of millions of people. He has an MBA from Stanford and two MSc in Engineering from European schools.

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