Stanford University

April 2, 2021

Call For Proposals: Four Radical Ideas for a Better Society

Deadline for proposals

May 10, 2021

Conference date

November 09-10, 2021

Submit your radical policy idea for governing AI

Can basic income address the future of automated work? Should a public agency certify algorithms? How would we regulate AI-based decisions on platforms? Should there be ownership rights in data that fuel algorithms?  

With artificial intelligence rapidly transforming every aspect of our world, calls for regulation, governance, and oversight are on the rise. During the HAI 2021 Fall Conference, we will consider four radical proposals for governing AI. Each substantive session will feature the short presentation of one radical proposal with discussion by a panel of experts from multiple disciplines and backgrounds.

The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence invites you to propose a radical policy idea. Our panel of experts will review the submissions and choose proposals to discuss live at the conference. Policy ideas should be focused on the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity.

We welcome policy proposals from anyone, living anywhere, aimed at any geography or level of government. This event is not limited to the United States. 

Deadline for proposals: May 10, 2021. Selections will be announced by June 30, 2021

Eligibility: Open to the public. Limit one submission per person.

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