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Angela Aristidou

Angela Aristidou

Digital Fellow

Professor Angela Aristidou speaks, writes, and consults about the implementation of digital and artificial intelligence tools in the healthcare ecosystem. Angela is a DEL Fellow (Faculty Affiliate) at the Stanford Digital Economy Lab, in the Human-centred AI Centre, and specializes in strategy and entrepreneurship at University College London’s School of Management. She is an international award-winning academic (among other: Fulbright; Stanford University’s CASBS), she is single grant-holder for a UK Research Innovation Future Leader Fellowship (approx. £1.7 UK million pounds; 2020-2028) and she currently leads a team of researchers examining digital care innovations in the UK, USA, China, and Canada with plans to expand her studies to more countries.

Angela’s ongoing research program (“Innovating Across Sectors”) examines how different sectors (public, private, third) come together around digital health technologies such as artificial intelligence. Her research adopts an ecosystem approach, including the viewpoints of (and real-world data from) hospitals, healthcare professionals and managers, professional medical associations, technology and pharma companies, patient- and patient advocacy networks, nonprofit and community associations, and healthcare-related unions. She focuses on how these multiple stakeholders manage or regulate the deployment of the new digital technologies in (national) healthcare systems and health services.

Angela studies what she refers to as “AI in the wild”—how AI tools are used in the hands of frontline workers in real-world settings. Her research team includes experts in management, economics, sociology, psychology, data science, and medical sub-specialties, and leverages a range of qualitative and quantitative methods. Current research projects include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Process of self-Regulation: The case of an open-source AI tool in the hands of frontline clinicians in UK hospitals
  • Artificial Intelligence Use Across Sectors: Evidence on individual, occupational and organizational factors in the in-context use of a medical referral AI tool in community-based optometry practices and in state hospitals
  • AI and the “Gigification” of the Work of Occupations: The case of an AI platform for the management of frontline worker tasks in hospital settings
  • Total AI Transformation (TAIT): The case of multiple AI tools and platforms being deployed in tandem across a regional healthcare ecosystem
  • Artificial Intelligence platforms for Medical AI: A case study of a leading AI platform and the strategic decision-making for its development
  • AI in the Community and Voluntary Sector: A big data study of how AI is reshaping the within- and cross-sector collaborations on public good
  • AI Trajectories of Success: A fsQCA study of multiple AI initiatives deployed within a single hospital system and their varying trajectories over time
  • AI’s role in strategic decision making: When is AI used for validation and when for imagination?
  • Bottom-up Practices Diffusion: Solving the puzzle of which digital practices are sustainably adopted following a government mandate for digital transformation in the public sector
  • AI Governance: How the presence and absence of AI governance in the public sector differentially shapes social outcomes in Western and Asian contexts
  • Humanitarian AI: The role of AI-driven decision-making in critical contexts

Angela is included in USA and UK national committees and expert panels on the development of AI regulation (for Open source AI, for LLMs, for GenAI, for AI implementation), she has a track record of public speaking in academic and industry events, and she consults and advises established pharmaceutical companies as well as startups on digital transformation and AI strategy.

Angela has worked for NASA’s Biomedical Research Institute, she has been chair of the Research Advisory Board of the international Relational Coordination Research Collaborative (2020-2022), associate editor to international conferences on technology and business (AOM OCT; ICIS), and a guest AE to the top-tier journal Management Information Systems Quarterly. She is an alumna of Harvard University and the University of Cambridge, and a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

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