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AI & the Future of Work

What will the future of work look like?

AI and other digital technologies have the potential to radically transform work, including the displacement of workers, the creation of new types of organizations, and changes in productivity and performance.

Our research seeks to understand the evolution of the global workforce in a rapidly changing digital economy. We also examine the effects of automation and augmentation of the workforce, as well as the impact that AI and robotics will have on employment, wages, and inequality.

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AI & Future of Work Resources

For policymakers and researchers: A list of papers, articles, and videos focused on how artificial intelligence and other digital technologies are impacting the future of work as we know it.


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Our research in action

Danielle Li of MIT Sloan School of Management joins Erik Brynjolfsson to discuss Hiring as Exploration. The research project highlights the value of incorporating exploration in developing decision-making hiring algorithms.

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