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Digital Platforms and Society

Digital technologies are allowing companies to spawn new business and economic value in ways unthinkable just a decade ago. Businesses are reproducing digital goods and services at near-zero marginal cost and transmitting them instantaneously across the globe.

These technological advancements have virtually eliminated constraints on business and competition while creating opportunities for winner-take-most markets. At the same time, digital and intelligent technologies are vastly reducing search and transaction costs while improving the matching of even traditional goods and services.

Our research examines how these new business models operate and how they could effect society, business, and the economy.

The EU Digital Markets Act:
Will it shake up big tech?

Three Stanford Digital Fellows discuss the EU Digital Markets Act, legislation that seeks to reign in power of big tech companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google.


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The Power of Prediction: Predictive Analytics, Workplace Complements, and Business Performance

Researchers Erik Brynjolfsson, Wang Jin, and Kristina McElheran surveyed more than 30,000 manufacturers and discovered a sizable increase in productivity among plants that use tools to automate prediction. In “The Power of Prediction,” the research team outlines their findings and offers reasons why some companies using predictive analytics aren’t seeing such gains. Recognized for excellence by the Strategic Management Society and the National Association of Business Economists.

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