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Measuring the Impact of Digital Technology and Innovation on the Well-Being of Our Citizens


Erik Brynjolfsson
Avinash Collis
Jae Joon Lee


With the growing interaction between human and digital technology in our economy, it is essential to have a deep understanding about the impact of digital technologies on our citizens’ lives. The vision of this project is to address the urgent need for a proper measurement of the impact of the digital technologies on the citizens’ well-being in our economy. More specifically, the team will (i) suggest new frameworks for measuring the current welfare level of citizens in the presence of digital goods and services which are available at zero price, (ii) measure the value of recent innovations in traditional products enabled by digital technologies, compared with the value of other innovative products over the past century. (iii) By doing so, the team plans to answer several important topics about our economy and digital technologies, such as getting a better picture of the current status of the digital divide by various demographic groups.

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